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    We offer our Customers support on every stage of IT security management process - from security audit through counseling services to design and implementation of integrated solutions IT security systems.

    Dotcom offers solutions tailored to the individual needs of each Customer and in particular to the specific of their businesses and security requirements. Among the offered solutions are:





    Taking appropriate action to protect corporate resources secures company's undisturbed operation and is the investment in its future development. For its Customers Dotcom is always a partner in their business, because our services and solutions are to deliver measurable benefits - safety has to pay off. We implement unique solutions that:


    • take into account the characteristics of the company
    • have adequate functionality
    • secure the appropriate areas
    • provide the desired level of security
    • are user-friendly
    • work with other company's systems
    • are easy to build and manage
    • are worth their price


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