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    Network security tests

    Most companies use products and solutions enhancing the security of their IT networks and preventing them from loss of data.However, more and more the safeguards are not keeping up with multiplying, sophisticated threats. How to check if your network is adequately protected? Dotcom offers several types of security tests that can precisely identify vulnerability of the system. Based on their result, we can offer effective solutions to protect corporate infrastructure. The scope of our audit may include, among others: penetration test, wireless network security control, software audit.


    Design and implementation of IP CCTV video surveillance systems

    Every year police reports thousands of breakings into companys' buildings, hundreds of cars belonging to them are being stolen. Apart from serious financial loss, these crimes can deeply disturb your business operations. That's why every company should ensure its property is properly secured.

    Along with alarm systems and guards, the most effective means of providing security is video surveillance system. The live preview or the analysis of the recordings from properly installed cameras can prevent theft or help to catch the perpetrators. Our specialists will help you properly design and  build efficient video surveillance system.


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    Wireless access control system


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