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Dotcom Sp. z o.o. was established in 2000 by people who had laid the foundations of the Internet in Poland in the early 90s. Since the beginning, the company’s main goal had been to provide its Customers with the advanced ICT solutions that would improve their work and secure their data. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of its engineers, Dotcom is able to offer the devices and software that meet best the requirements of any business organization. Our open and flexible specialists assist the Customers at every stage of project implementation. They create unique, individual technological solutions based on identified needs and recognized threats.




IT networks in companies are exposed to numerous both internal and external threats and inflow of unwanted information.Dotcom supports network adminstrators and offers them solutions and equipment that make the control of network traffic easier and increase the security level.

  • Unified Threat Management platforms
  • email security control - antispam filters
  • antivirus, antispyware protection
  • firewall, intrusion prevention, access control systems
  • content filtering
  • security audits




IP video surveillance systems are one of the most effective ways of protecting company buildings and their surroundings. Dotcom designs, installs and implements IP CCTV solutions for companies, public institutions and sport arenas.The main supplier of components for our systems is Avigilon Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of IP CCTV equipment.

  • designing the systems tailored to customer's needs
  • selection of appropriate equipment
  • system installation and configuration
  • after-sales service




Thanks to the digital links leased from the biggest Polish telco operators (Telekomunikacja Polska and TK Telekom among others) and company's own telecomunication nodes, Dotcom is able to provide safe, domestic and international data transmission. Our links are used by the world's leading telecomunication companies operating in Poland. We offer the below listed data transmission technologies:

  • leased digital channels
  • Frame Relay
  • Ethernet
We also provide banks and other financial institutions with safe and stable point-to-point voice connections that are essential for international trading.




Our offer for banks and other financial institutions includes also the most advanced solutions that optimize work in dealing rooms. We design complete systems with all the necessary features, we also take care of equipment's selection, installation and configuration. Our Customers are also provided with a wide range of customer support and counseling.

Dotcom distributes Open Trade, the unique voice connections management system offered by Orange Business Solutions (Etrali). Open Trade was created mainly for traders and brokers, but it can be used in any command or crisis management center as well.

Our company is also a supplier of multifunctional keybords manufactured by Wey Technology. Wey keyboards allow their users to control up to 16 different computers at a time.


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