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IP CCTV systems



Do I really need video surveillance?


Every year police reports thousands of breakings into companys' buildings, hundreds of cars belonging to them are being stolen. Apart from serious financial loss, these crimes can deeply disturb your business operations. That's why every company should ensure its property is properly secured.

Along with alarm systems and guards, the most effective means of providing security is video surveillance system. The live preview or the analysis of the recordings from properly installed cameras can prevent theft or help to catch the perpetrators. Our specialists will help you properly design and  build efficient video surveillance system.


How we do it?

At Dotcom we don't want to give our customers only selected products or services. We work comprehensively: our customers receive complete and configured system. We take responsibility for every stage of the building process:

  • design - a system tailored to your needs
  • equipment selection - we choose the appropriate devices and software
  • implementation - our engineers install and configure system
  • after-sales - we guarantee technical support and counseling


How does it work?


Dotcom specializes in desig and implementation of IP CCTV surveillance systems. As opposed to analog systems, the IP technology comes with much better recording, storage and video adjustment capabilities. IP cameras digitize video and audio and send it directly to recording servers over Internet or local network. The advantages of IP system are numerous:


  • high resolution of recorded video
  • cameras' wider field of view
  • easy management of recorded video
  • live preview on the Internet
  • live preview on mobile devices
  • lower cost of installation and maintenance
  • flexibility of the system

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